Hotbelt+1Slimming lotion+1Pasjel + 1 Collagen Peeling- Bundle

Hotbelt+1Slimming lotion+1Pasjel + 1 Collagen Peeling- Bundle

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Power Belt is a compression belt that helps to shape your midsection. It also burns stubborn fat by making you sweat more. Just by wearing it you will look two sizes smaller.

By compressing your abdomen it gives you that hour glass figure you have always dreamed of. The belt is available in four different sizes and can be worn by both men and women.

Wear it everywhere to start sweating away stubborn belly fat. Pros Wear it Everywhere You can wear Technomed Power Belt everywhere you go.

Wear it while you are cleaning the house, at the gym, running errands or watching TV. Discrete Design The discrete design lets you wear it under your clothes if you do not want anyone to see it.

Just put it on and put your clothes over top. You will instantly look two sizes smaller and no one will know what your secret is. More Confident You will feel better about yourself once you see the results this belt can give you.

Women will feel proud of their curvy figures and hourglass shapes and men will want to flaunt their chiseled abs.